les missions de la DGSI sécurité intérieure et logo

The Direction Générale de la Sécurité Intérieure (DGSI) is the French special intelligence service under the authority of the Ministry of Interior.

Established at the national level and on all of French territory, it is in charge of researching, centralizing and exploiting intelligence relevant to national security or the fundamental interests of the Nation.

DGSI’s main missions are the following:

  • Counter-Espionage: the DGSI monitors and controls the intelligence activities of foreign powers in the political, economic, energy, strategic or military fields. Targeted?    assistance-dgsi@interieur.gouv.fr
  • Fight against terrorism and violent extremism: the DGSI is the leader in the fight against terrorism in France: it manages the national system and is responsible of the exchange of information between intelligence services and the judicial services. In terms of intelligence, the DGSI collects information to prevent and hinder violent actions and identify networks and individuals carrying threats on the national territory. In judicial matters, it prosecutes and arrests the perpetrators of terrorist offenses in order for them to be held accountable for their acts before the courts. 
  • Economic protection: the DGSI fights against any threat to France‘s economic and scientific assets in order to preserve its economic sovereignty. Targeted? securite-economique@interieur.gouv.fr
  • Counter proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (chemical, nuclear, biological): the DGSI’s mission is to detect and prevent the purchase of materials and know-how that could contribute to their manufacture and use.
  • Fight against cybercrime: the DGSI implements techniques to fight against the use of cyber means in the context of economic predation, interference and terrorist threats.